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Why Seek NASPAA Accreditation

Why Should My Program Seek NASPAA Accreditation?  

Seeking accreditation is a substantial process of self-reflection and requires a sustained commitment from a program and its host university. However, because of the depth of this self-inquiry and commitment to quality, NASPAA accreditation has meaning. There are a number of benefits associated with NASPAA accreditation that make this commitment worthwhile for many programs.

  • NASPAA accreditation provides a reliable and trustworthy indication of value and quality to potential STUDENTS. Accreditation assures to potential students that programs meet a baseline level of quality, seek to improve their operations, and practice truth in advertising. Students can be reasonably assured that, at a NASPAA-accredited program, they will be provided the resources to complete their program, achieve established learning objectives, and obtain public service employment.
  • NASPAA accreditation is a signal of quality and reliability to potential EMPLOYERS that seek to hire graduates with the skills they need and to partner with academic institutions.
  • NASPAA accreditation ensures that accredited programs are visible to their PEERS, through achievement of accreditation status, and as participants in the peer review process. This baseline validation of quality assists in the creation of partnerships, exchanges, and student transfer.
  • NASPAA accreditation is an external stamp of program quality respected at the level of the UNIVERSITY. An accredited program is typically a highly valued component of the institution.
  • NASPAA accreditation supports program improvement by requiring programs to demonstrate their contributions to advancing the knowledge, research, and practice of public service. At a NASPAA-accredited program, it is essential for faculty members to produce research and engage in service activities, appropriate to the mission of the program.
  • NASPAA accreditation is an expression of a programís commitment to public service education as a discipline. The NASPAA standards and accreditation process serve to maintain and enhance the recognition and reputation of graduate public service degrees.


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