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2012 Data

2012 Annual Accreditation Data Report

NASPAA's 2011-2012 Annual Accreditation Data Report is a cross-program analysis of data that was reported to NASPAA by each program as part of the accreditation process. This year’s report presents data on faculty, admissions and enrollment processes, employment of graduates, and more. Using the data being gathered as part of the NASPAA accreditation process, we present interesting insights regarding admissions, employment of graduates and more.  

Below is one example of data that this report presents. You can find other graphs  and related information in the full report in the PDF above.


School-Specific Data for 2011-2012 Academic Year*
*All data on accredited programs from AY 2011-12 Annual and Self-Study Reports

Employment of Recent Graduates, by Sector

Graduation Rates


Enrollment Trends, 2010-2012

Faculty Profiles

Faculty Courses, by Full-time and Part-time


2011 Data

2011 Annual Accreditation Data Report

This report contains analysis and observations on faculty, students, and employment statistics from the 175 NASPAA-accredited programs that filled out the Accreditation Maintenance Report or Self Study Report in 2011 (Academic Year 2010-2011).

Below is an example of the data you can find in the 2011 Annual Accreditation Data Report.  For further information regarding this chart and the data it represents please see the PDF above.

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