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From the Editor
Heather E. Campbell

Heather E. Campbell

Arizona State University
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Using Focus Groups and Stakeholder Surveys to Revise the MPA Curriculum
Robert A. Peters

What did stakeholders think about an MPA curriculum, and how can this information be used by your program? 

A Case Study of Measuring Outcomes in an MPA Program
Jody L. Fitzpatrick & Katrina Miller-Stevens

Jody Fitzpatrick and Katrina Miller-Stevens argue that governments and nonprofits are required to perform outcomes assessment, so we should, too. Further, they argue that, if done right, this task can improve faculty interaction.

Repositioning the Culture of Power: Advocating for Systemic Change in Public Affairs Education
Richard Greggory Johnson III, Cynthia Reyes & Sherwood Smith 
How does the culture of power affect faculty of color working in predominately white institutions? Three untenured 
assistant professors reflect on this using a combination of theory and their own experiences.

Recent Iterations in the Public Financial Management Curriculum: Is What Practitioners Need Being Taught?
Michael Moody & Justin Marlowe

Michael Moody and Justin Marlowe look into whether the public financial management curriculum is keeping up with changes in the public sector and find that, on average, the curriculum hasn't changed much in the last few decades. Learn more about what changes might be warranted.

Nonprofit and Philanthropic Studies Education: The Need to Emphasize Leadership and Liberal Arts
Dwight F. Burlingame
Should nonprofits be run more like for-profits? Dwight F. Burlingame argues that nonprofit education could better 
serve students and communities if it drew more from the Liberal Arts and less from Business.

Issues in Social Enterprise and Social Entrepreneurship
Wolfgang Bielefeld
Are social enterprise and social entrepreneurship different? Is one good for the third sector and one bad? 
Wolfgang Bielefeld explicates these concepts.

Applying Student-Centered Learning Concepts to a Doctoral, Introductory, Interdisciplinary Public 
Affairs Course

Gerald-Mark Breen, Jonathan Matusitz & Thomas T.H. Wan
A doctoral student and two of his professors reflect on student centered learning.

Developing Leaders in Public Affairs and Administration: Incorporating Emotional Intelligence Training 
into the Core Doctoral Leadership Course

L. Douglas Kiel, Karabi Bezboruah & Gerel Oyun
How do you feel about teaching leadership? Kiel, Bezboruah, & Oyen explain their innovative work of incorporating emotional intelligence training into a doctoral leadership course.



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The Journal of Public Affairs Education,
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