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FALL 2017
VOLUME 23, No. 4


Merci et Au Revoir
David Schultz


Ethos Reinforced, Government Endorsed? Comparing Pre-entry and Post-entry Values, Motivations, Sector Perceptions, and Career Preferences of MPA Students in Asia
Zeger Van der Wal

Integrating Qualitative Data Analysis Software into Doctoral Public Administration Education
Alka Sapat, Lorena Schwartz, Ann-Margaret Esnard, & Emefa Sewordor

A Review of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator in Public Affairs Education
John Sample


David Schultz
, Co-Editor, Hamline University
Marieka Klawitter,
Co-Editor, University of Washington
Alexis Howell,
Editorial Assistant
Julie Van Pelt,
Copy Editor
Val Escher,
Layout Editor


Using Competency-based Portfolios as a Pedagogical Tool and Assessment Strategy in MPA Programs
Naim Kapucu & Christopher Koliba

Undergraduate Research Needs: Faculty-Librarian Collaboration to Improve Information Literacy in Policy Papers
Michelle C. Pautz & Heidi Gauder


Review of American Surveillance: Intelligence, Privacy, and the Fourth Amendment by Anthony Gregory
Michael W. Popejoy


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